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Nickelback are an excellent band and can be listened to by anybody who loves rock and grunge music. They have obvious influences of such brilliant bands like Creed, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and even Silverchair. The Kroeger brothers started up the band, which was later to become Nickelback, in 1996 in Vancouver, Canada. They did this with the help of their drummer cousin Brandon and friend Ryan Peake. They made a seven song demo called 'Hesher' and then went on to make a full length debut album 'Curb'. After this they then went on tour around Canada where the rock fans greeted them. They then had another 2 drummers before ending up with Ryan Vikedal, a friend of Ryan Peake.

They later then wrote and recorded a new album 'The State'. This did extremely well in Canada and very well in the USA. After "Leader of Men" went top-twenty on the rock charts in Canada only with the help of their own self-promotion, did they get a label with Roadrunner Records.

They have toured with Creed, Silverchair, Everclear, Stabbing Westward and Oleander. The band already has got a fanatical following in Canada.

The band are now doing excellently in the USA and Canada with a lot of Radio play and even appearing recently on MTV. We cant wait for "The State" to hit the UK.